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A cv is a document that lists or summarizes a person’s relevant qualifications, skills and experiences. It is typically used when the person seeks employment as opposed to a curriculum vitae(CV) that focuses more on a person’s academic achievements and is used when he or she pursues further education or training. The cv is typically the first item that employers encounter when processing job applicants.

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More and more professionals are translating their cv these days, whether for full time employment purposes or global subcontracting projects.Beyond all the professional aspects that are critical for any translation job, translating a CV requires the translator to be familiar with the technical terms in the target language so that professionals reading the translated cv will relate to it and be impressed by it.

Translators can also help with vital communication in many public service settings such as health information and legal processes. Undergraduate and graduate students may request duplicate copies or replacements in case of damage or loss of their diplomas from the University Registrar. Replacement diplomas can be ordered by the graduate only. Immediate family members or spouses may request a replacement diploma under special circumstances, and will be reviewed on a casebycase basis. As these are technically identical to the original diploma, please allow  weeks for processing.